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Frequently-asked questions (FAQ)

I found a mistake on the list! What can I do? [Back to Top]

Great! Please tell us. Just click on the "Feedback" button for the talk in question.

I have a recording (audio or video) which doesn't appear on your list. What should I do? [Back to Top]

Great! Please let us know! Please give us the following details (so far as you know them):

We will then get in touch with you to see how best to copy your recording and make it available to the world collective. .

Can these audios and videos be downloaded? [Back to Top]

Not yet. We are currently working on a web site for downloading of audios. (Using this website you will be able to download audio recordings from anywhere in the world on payment of the royalty fee using a credit card or PayPal.) In the mean time, audio CDs are available from the World Foundation's Online Store.

Download of videos will take a little longer, as for the moment neither we nor most of you have the necessary internet bandwidth. For the moment, videos of H. H. Shri Mataji will continue to be sold as DVDs through the Online Store. Please contact your local centre for more details.

I would like to join the Media Project team. What can I do? [Back to Top]

Great! Please get in touch with us. We are looking for help in the following areas:

Is the Media Project also collecting and distributing music? [Back to Top]

For the moment our top priority is archiving and making available the talks of our Divine Mother. Once we have that well in hand, we would like to start with music and entertainment programmes. In the mean time, many music CDs are available from the Online Store.

How do I use the "Get Involved" page? [Back to Top]

Use the drop-down lists in the form to select the event types, locations, etc., which you would like to see. You can enter any words in the "keywords" field, such as "Children" or "Agnya". You can also enter a location name, such as "Sydney" or "London", to narrow down your search. Then click on the "Find talks" button to create a listing of talks. If you have any feedback to a talk, such as correcting our information or telling us of a recording, click on the feedback button to bring up the feedback form.

How do I use the Feedback form? [Back to Top]

Enter your feedback in the text boxes, add your email address and your name, then click on the Submit button to send us what you have written. After a few seconds you should receive an acknowledgement pop-up message. We will try to respond to your feedback and update the list as soon as possible.

What do the colours and icons in the talks listing mean? [Back to Top]

In the "Audio" and "Video" columns, a green colour indicates that the audio or video has already been digitized. A yellow colour indicates we have heard the recording exists, but have not yet obtained and/or digitized it. ("DP" indicates that a video is with Devi Productions, "US" means it is available from the US catalogue.) An orange colour in the Video column indicates that we have the recording, but there are problems or the recording is not complete. Do you know of a better one? If neither green, yellow, nor orange squares are present, we do not know where any recording might be. Can you help us? Where the Type entry is shown with an asterisk (*), there are open questions about the exact date, location, or other details of the event. Point the mouse at the asterisk for more details.

Some entries have links to photos or reports. Click on the hyperlink to go there. If you have any such information which you would like to add for everyone for an event, click on the Feedback button to tell us about it.

Point your mouse (without clicking) at the different items in the table below for examples. (If you do not see any, please make sure that Javascript is enabled in your browser.)

Occasion or SubjectType/CommentAudioVideoFeedback
This talk has been digitized in audio, but no video recording is known.Type of talk
There is some uncertainty or additional information about this talk, point the mouse at the asterisk (*) for more details.Type of talk*
The video and audio are both available, but neither has been digitized. The video recording is available from the U.S. video catalog. Type of talkUS
The video recording we have has been damaged or is defective, we are looking for a better one. No audio recording is known.Type of talk
The video and audio are both available (the video is with Devi Productions), but neither has been digitized.Type of talkDP
The video and audio recordings have both been digitized.Type of talkD
The video and audio recordings have both been digitized, and the video is available from the World Foundation (example link to Shri Kartikeya Puja in 1986: hold the mouse over "Buy!").Type of talkBuy
The pale pink and yellow backgrounds are just intended to help reading across the lines, and have no other meaning.

I have another question which I don't see here but which I'd like to ask. [Back to Top]

Please let us know!

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